Frequently Asked Questions

You are not the first one to have questions, we have tried to answer the most common questions we hear from folks below.

Are you in my state?

We are currently licensed in 30 states throughout the country. For the states we are not licensed in, we have great referral partners we have been using for years. 

How do I get a quote?

The best way to get a quote is by contacting one of our agents by phone. This way an agent can give you the best quote for your specific situation. You also can fill out the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page or send us an email at

How do you get paid?

Our service is completely FREE to you. We get paid directly from the carriers. Our commission is standard no matter which carrier you choose. This allows us to give you an unbiased opinion.

How is it possible to get the same plan at a lower cost?

All Medicare supplements are standardized based on the Plan Letter. This means that if you have a Plan F with one company it is the same Plan F with another company. The cost can differ between the companies for the exact same coverage. Typically, folks can get a much lower price for the same plan if they are in fairly good health.

Do I have to answer health questions?

If you are looking to change Medicare supplement plans, you typically have to answer basic health questions to qualify for the new Medicare Supplement. There are certain circumstances when you don’t need to answer health questions and that is during your initial enrollment period or if you have a qualifying event. 

Independent vs Captive Agent

Independent agents are able to sell MANY different insurance companies. This essentially allows an agent to give their client an unbiased opinion. Captive agents work for one insurance carrier. They are “captive” to that company and therefore can only sell that ONE company. 

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Testimonials from Clients that have worked with
Medicare Joe and Our Team

I am not of Medicare age, but I sent a close family friend over to Medicare Joe. She worked with Matthew. He was able to highlight the... read more

Alexandra N. Avatar
Alexandra N.

No changes needed from last year. Very quick but not much work needed.

Ed G. Avatar
Ed G.

The Medicare Joe webinar helped me understand Medicare and all the choices I had to make. After watching the webinar I made a phone appointment and was able to... read more

Michelle K. Avatar
Michelle K.

Joe is very knowledgeable of the Medicare plans and information. He is very patient with me and answers all of my questions to my satisfaction. When my husband is... read more

Theresa C. Avatar
Theresa C.

Very helpful, explained my options well. Walked me thru my choices and helped me make an informed decision.

Jose G. Avatar
Jose G.

Medicare Jo was wonderful patient and alleviated any pain that I thought I would endure trying to get signed up for Medicare thank you Medicare Jo

Debbie C. Avatar
Debbie C.

Joseph genuinely cares, and is compassionate about assisting you in your needs.

Darrell L. Avatar
Darrell L.

Medicare Joe is a truly caring, compassionate person with the qualities that matter, sincerity, professionalism, personality and kindness. I am thankful I found him (or he found me). His... read more

Lynda F. Avatar
Lynda F.

I have had nothing but good experience in dealing with Joseph Pate re my insurance. He always provides me with the information I am searching for.

Cheryl M. Avatar
Cheryl M.

So far, so good. The price increase is in line with what several other friends are experiencing and the service is quite good !

Leslie F. Avatar
Leslie F.

Mark Marino provided great service for me. He cold called me to ask if he could help find a better Medicare plan. I was familiar with “MedicareJoe” from... read more

Richard M. Avatar
Richard M.

Medicare Joe's online seminar helped make my decisions on which Medicare plan to choose so easy.As you close in on 65, you get some anxiety about getting enrolled, Joe too... read more

O P. Avatar
O P.

Professional, efficient, very knowledgeable and customer friendly

Joe Z. Avatar
Joe Z.

Very knowledgeable and helpful. He obtains the lowest price possible for my needs

Paulette W. Avatar
Paulette W.

Mr. Pate has been very helpful from the first time we talked. I am thankful for the money he helped me to save.

Beverly T. Avatar
Beverly T.

I'm new to Medicare as of 1-1-22. So I needed to choose a supplement insurance. I called United American and I ended up getting a call from Matthew... read more

Karen G. Avatar
Karen G.

Mark did a superior job in lowering my monthly premium cost by $76.00 while maintaining all Plan G services I had previously had on my prior secondary coverage. I'm... read more

Star M. Avatar
Star M.

Very good service.

Nancy F. Avatar
Nancy F.

Medicare Joe has done a great job for my wife and myself for Medicare Supplemental Policies. He finds the best coverage for the best price abut best of all... read more

Ivan L. Avatar
Ivan L.

Marilyn BowmanWorked with Mark Marino @Medicare Joe and highly recommend working with Mark and this company. Worked with two other companies previously, and Medicare Joe is more professional and more... read more

Marilyn B. Avatar
Marilyn B.

Thanks Matthew for guiding me through this money-saving change!

Katie Avatar

Having been a Medicare claims review person myself, I was well pleased with the professionalism of this business as well as the knowledge in being able to readily answer all... read more

Liz A. Avatar
Liz A.

When I contacted Mr. Pate I had some knowledge about Medicare and Medicare Advantage. I was not sure exactly what needed to be done. After our conversation I had a... read more

James G. Avatar
James G.

One of the best experiences I had with a business. Works hard to get you what you need at a affordable price. No pressure. Done business with him previously and... read more

gene p. Avatar
gene p.

What I liked was the way everything was explained to me. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Thanks Joe you rock.

George T. Avatar
George T.

The process was quick and easy, I picked the right plan at a good price with Mathews help. Thank you!

Louise S. Avatar
Louise S.

I have been dealing with Mr. Pate for over one year and I am very please with all of the knowledge he has to help me with my Medicare insurance needs.

Ana P. Avatar
Ana P.

I understand that the entire Medicare and supplement policies can be overwhelming, but with Joseph's knowledge and suggestions, the process goes quite smoothly. Joseph Pate has been there for... read more

Sandra W. Avatar
Sandra W.

Joe has been good about getting back to us quickly to answer any questions we had. He is very practical about laying out the options and helping us understand the... read more

Steve S. Avatar
Steve S.

Agent Mathew Lebrun was very helpful in finding a Medicare supplement that saved me $130 a month. Continues to keep in touch in case I have any questions regarding my... read more

Cynthia c. Avatar
Cynthia c.


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